Award-winning Home Helpers offers specialized in-home care

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Home Helpers, located in Homer Glen, is a business that provides in-home non-medical care for seniors, and for anyone who is in need of caregiving.

“We provide services to people who have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia, but our business includes everyone,” said Home Helpers Operations Manager Ross Novak. “Basically, what we do is in-home non-medical care. We do everything that pertains to someone’s day-to-day living as far as dressing, feeding, medication reminders, companionship care or taking people to the doctor. The biggest part of our business is making sure people are safe at home.”

Home Helpers, founded in 1997, is a senior care franchise that focuses on assistance with home-based daily activities. The local franchise, which was created four years ago, has close to 100 employees as well as eight people that staff its office full-time. It is the creation of cousins Ed Kerfin and Ross Novak, who both decided to get involved with Home Helpers due to care experiences in the past.

“Our grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, was receiving care from two ladies. We watched what went on with that, and I retired in 2002 from a trucking business and had a bunch of back surgeries,” said Novak. “I came back to Chicago, talked with Ed and mentioned how I was thinking about starting this business. I had first-hand experience with care since I had received surgeries and there was no one to take care of me. One thing led to another, and I went down to Cincinnati to Home Helper’s corporate office, and we decided to put this together.”

Home Helpers has won multiple awards in recent years due to its community service, as well as being acknowledged as marketing pioneers in their field.

“We have an award from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for the community service that we do, and we have received awards from Home Helpers corporate for being pioneers as far as marketing goes,” said Novak. “We do a radio show at WJOL called ‘Friends Over Fifty,’ which was used in the beginning to help market our business, and the show has taken a life of its own. We have received awards from the village and from the state of Illinois because of what we do. It’s the radio show and the business. Everything is all put together.”

Novak believes that his Home Helpers franchise has been so successful due in part to the extraordinary lengths they go through when hiring and training new employees.

“We physically train our caregivers here. We put a bedroom in the office to give employees the opportunity to train in a realistic environment,” said Novak. “A lot of in-home care companies seem to have a bad reputation. Ed and I have worked very hard and diligently to change how people view us. We go to great lengths to interview all of our people and background check them all so that families can be assured that there will be a good person in their homes. We view this business differently and it’s showing. I think that’s why we are at the level we are, with the amount of employees we have, and the work that we do.”

For more information about Home Helpers, you can visit the Website at, the Facebook page at, or call (708) 301-4746. You can also visit their radio show’s Website at, or through Facebook at