Cleaning Service offers green’ cleaning for less

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B.A.M. Cleaning Service, Joliet, provides professional cleaning to commercial and residential customers.

“B.A.M. Cleaning Service is a commercial and residential cleaning company that focuses primarily on commercial cleaning,” said owner Bob Johnson. “On the commercial end, we are a full-service commercial cleaning company, meaning that we can service customers small, medium and large. We do everything from offices to medical facilities and retail spaces. We provide nightly, weekly and monthly after-hours cleaning services for those customers as well as specialty services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor refinishing.”

“We also provide facility supplies for commercial customers who wish to have us come in and stock soap, bath tissue, towels and things like that. We phased out a lot of our regular residential cleaning services, but we still provide for residential customers with window and carpet cleaning”

B.A.M. Cleaning Service, founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007, was created because Johnson felt that he could clean some places better where sanitation was problematic.

“Basically, the idea came from spending a lot of time in places where the cleanliness was very questionable,” said Johnson. “Even in places such as medical facilities, doctor’s offices, restaurants and places like that. We decided that we could do it better, so that’s sort of how B.A.M. Cleaning Service was born.”

B.A.M. Cleaning Service offers different promotions to customers at different times of the year. For example, in June customers receive 20 percent off window cleaning service.

“Right now, June is our window cleaning special. All customers, commercial or residential, that hire us for window cleaning get 20 percent off the service,” said Johnson. “It’s something that we like to do as part of our spring cleaning campaign. Around the holidays, we do carpet cleaning specials and things like that, but right now we are running our window cleaning special.”

Johnson believes that the business networking which the Joliet Chamber provides to its members was a key resource in finding B.A.M. Cleaning Service some of its first customers.

“When we incorporated, one of the first things we did was sought out the Chamber and sought membership with the Chamber. It’s a really good networking tool and it always has been for us,” said Johnson. “Some of our first customers came from Joliet Chamber referrals. It’s a great way to network with other businesses and other people in the community.”

One message that Johnson wants to get across to consumers is that you should not expect to pay more for an environmentally-friendly cleaning service.

“One thing that we try to reduce is the amount of harsh chemicals that we use when cleaning for any customer,” said Johnson. “People should know that if they’re interested in those types of services that are a little bit better for the environment, they should not expect to pay more. If they are paying more currently, they should come talk to us.”

For more information about B.A.M. Cleaning Service, visit the Website at, or contact them via phone at (815) 741-2250.