KC Specialty Dry Cleaners brings revenue back to Joliet


KC Specialty Dry Cleaners, located in downtown Joliet, offers a multitude of cleaning services not only for the Joliet area, but also for parts of Chicago and Indiana as well.

“We offer quite a variety of services,” said owner John Conway. “Our main business is wholesale specialty cleaning. That means we have four trucks out on the road five days a week going to 385 other dry cleaners throughout Illinois and Indiana to pick up specialty items such as leathers, suedes, furs, wedding gowns, hand bags, purses and area rugs.”

Another aspect of KC Specialty Dry Cleaners’ business is its hotel valet service, where they pick up dry cleaning or laundry from local hotels and return them the same day.

“When guests come in from out of town and stay at the hotel and they need dry cleaning or laundry services done, we have a van that goes out every morning that picks up at all the hotels,” said Conway. “They bring the clothes back here where we process them and return them the same day.”

In addition to the wholesale specialty cleaning and hotel services they provide, KC Specialty Dry Cleaners also offers same-day retail dry cleaning.

“We have a retail dry cleaning store where people walk in on a daily basis and drop off clothes. We also offer same day service there,” said Conway. “If brought in by 10 a.m., we can have it back that same day by 4 p.m. For those who do not need same-day service, they can come back the following day to pick up clothes.”

After living in Joliet his entire life, Conway decided to move his business to Joliet from Willowbrook when he took over as owner in 2006.

“Long story short, this business was strictly doing leather cleaning. It was located in Willowbrook and I worked for a couple of guys who retired. They basically handed the business over to me,” said Conway. “I didn’t want it to be in Willowbrook anymore because I lived in Joliet my whole life. I wanted to bring the business to Joliet so, after they retired, I picked up the business and moved it here.”

Conway feels that the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce will be beneficial for his business by building public awareness of their presence in Joliet.

“I think that the Joliet Chamber can help my business through advertising, promotions and, quite frankly, getting the public aware that there is a cleaning facility like ours here in downtown Joliet,” said Conway. “Our services are available to other businesses, residential and commercial. I want to make all of Joliet and Will County aware of the services that we do provide right here in downtown Joliet.”

Conway believes that through hiring local and being based in Joliet, his business is drawing money from other communities back to Joliet.

“We do business in Indiana, northern Chicago and southern Illinois,” said Conway. “All that revenue is being brought from other towns into Joliet because I, the owner, live in Joliet. I spend my money in Joliet and my kids go to Joliet schools. Everybody else that works here lives in Joliet. We are drawing money from other towns and we are bringing it here to Joliet.”

For more information about KC Specialty Dry Cleaners, you can go to the Website at www.suedecleaners.com or call (815) 724-0360.