Impact Outdoor offers outdoor advertising in the Joliet area

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Impact Outdoor is an outdoor marketing company that sells billboard locations and other signage in the Chicagoland area for businesses to advertising.

“We’re an outdoor advertising business. We’re primarily focused on billboards, and a great majority of them are in the Joliet area,” said Impact Outdoor Operating Manager Rod Hursh. “We’ve been in the billboard business for the last five years, and I’ve been in different types of advertising businesses for the last 20.”

Hursh said Impact Outdoor offers local businesses some of the best billboard advertising opportunities in the Joliet area.

“We’ve developed a number of premium locations in the Joliet area,” said Hursh. “If people are looking to advertise to the Joliet market, we have some of the best signs in the area.”

In addition to the billboards that they offer, Impact Outdoor also has new digital signage options available for advertising.

“We’ve just recently introduced some digital billboards on I-80, and there are going to be more coming to the local market on the surface street areas of Joliet,” said Hursh. “They are proving to be very effective advertising.”

Hursh believes that Impact Outdoor’s membership with the Joliet Chamber is beneficial to his company by providing opportunities to connect with the local business community.

“The Chamber facilitates connections to the local business community,” said Hursh. “I use their various functions and events to utilize those resources.”

Above all, Hursh feels it is important for businesses to know that outdoor advertising is a proven and effective option if they are looking to increase their exposure in the area.

“Outdoor marketing is a proven form of marketing and advertising,” said Hursh. “If you haven’t tried it, you should give it a shot. Outdoor advertising works.”

For more information about Impact Outdoor, visit the Website at, or call (888) 707-7446.