Moneris Solutions offers merchant services to local businesses

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Moneris Solutions, located in Schaumberg, is a merchant services company that provides credit card payment processing to local businesses.

“Moneris is a merchant services provider. We provide credit card processing to those businesses that want to use credit cards as a form of payment,” said Account Executive Robert Scurto. “We are the service processor that sets up businesses to accept credit cards, debit cards and pin debit as a form of payment from their clients.”

Moneris Solutions, founded in 2000, is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal. According to its website, Moneris Solutions processes more than three billion credit and debit transactions every year.

“We are BMO Harris’ direct processor,” said Scurto. “Moneris used to be the old Harris Charge-It systems. It was formed way back when on the existing infrastructure of the Charge-It system.”

Scurto says that in addition to providing credit card processing to its clients, Moneris Solutions offers other business services as well.

“The bank also does other cash management products as well, such as reoccurring payments and gift cards,” said Scurto. “We offer the whole gamut of being able to accommodate clients and how their customers pay them.”

Scurto has been working in the merchant services business for 18 years and has experience at the local and national level of the industry.

“I’ve worked on a regional basis and have been affiliated with many banks in the area. I’ve also worked in national accounts through one of the biggest processers in the country, and I’ve managed a team of sales representatives before,” said Scurto. “I’ve been in the merchant processing business for 18 years and there is a lot of insight that I could potentially offer someone if they are looking at merchant services.”

Scurto believes that Moneris Solutions’ membership with the Joliet Chamber is essential to building business credibility in the community.

“Community involvement is important because people place an importance to their money,” said Scurto. “A lot of times a relationship on the business side is important from a credibility stand point. If we’re going to partner with people in the Joliet area, we need to be involved. It’s one of those extra things you need to do to build your business and support it.”

Scurto wants Joliet businesses to know that they don’t need to bank with BMO Harris in order to talk to Moneris Solutions about merchant services.

“A Joliet business does not have to bank with Harris Bank if they want to ask some questions,” said Scurto. “If they want to figure out what’s going in merchant services and see if they are getting a fair shake in their payment processing costs, I can certainly do that for them no strings attached. If you want personal attention, contact me.”

For more information about Moneris Solutions, visit the Website at, or call 1-866-423-8475. Account Executive Robert Scurto may be contacted at (224) 234-4872 or by email to