UNO Volleyball Club helps members earn scholarships

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UNO Volleyball Club, located in Joliet, is a volleyball training club that provides boys and girls with coaching to improve their volleyball skills.

“We train boys and girls volleyball from ages eight to 18 years old,” said UNO Volleyball Club Director Terri Baranski. “We do travel, we do camps and we have volleyball tournaments here. We have girls’ club volleyball tryouts coming in October, and we have boys’ tryouts in September.”

Baranski, who became club director after taking over for the previous owner, said that UNO Volleyball Club has been providing the Joliet area with volleyball training for 25 years.

“It’s a club that’s been running for 25 years in Will County. This is our 25th anniversary,” said Baranski.

The previous owner, Christine Beltzhoover-Klingler, started the club, and had it going for a year when Baranski joined.

“I played two years for her and then I went to college. When I came back, I have been coaching here ever since.”

Baranski says that UNO Volleyball Club has helped hundreds of its members earn college scholarships through its training programs and competitions.

“We have gotten hundreds of college scholarships awarded to the players over the years,” said Baranski. “There have been varying different scholarships from Division I full rides to partial scholarships and academic scholarships for Division II and III schools, and for NAIA. There have been many different levels and many different scholarships awarded.”

Baranski believes that UNO Volleyball Club can be distinguished from other similar clubs because of the emphasis they place on the academic performance of their members.

“We focus on the academic and the athletic part of things. I think that’s what makes our club a little different than the other clubs,” said Baranski. “In Joliet there were a few other clubs that would compete with us, but we are the only one that’s still in business.”

For more information about UNO Volleyball Club, visit their Website at, call (815) 741-4188 or visit the UNO Training Center at 781 S. Larkin Ave., Joliet, 60436.