AmCheck offers payroll services to local businesses

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AmCheck, located in Bolingbrook, is a full-service payroll provider that offers a multitude of business services to local area business owners.

“We offer payroll, human resources and benefits administration for small and medium sized businesses,” said managing partner Bryan Headley. “We also offer a number of additional high-quality products and services such as Time and Attendance tracking and reporting, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and 401(k).”

AmCheck, founded in 1996, was formed by former Automatic Data Processing (ADP) employees who wanted to create a company that could compete with the product offerings of the large payroll service bureaus like ADP, but provide a more personalized customer experience.

According to Headley, one thing that makes AmCheck different from its competitors is its service model, structured around local support and a dedicated, single point of contact.

“We take pride in the fact that we’re not a traditional call center. Our clients receive personalized care from an experienced account rep who is familiar with their account and understanding of their unique needs and concerns,” said Headley. “When a client calls us, they’re not going to talk to a different person every time, or someone who is sitting in another distant city, state or country in some cases. In fact, our reps know our clients by name.”

According to managing partner Mark Weaver, AmCheck’s membership with the Joliet Chamber is beneficial to its company by providing contact opportunities with local business owners who could make use of its services.

“Where we can work together with the Chamber is to identify businesses that have a need for the type of services that we provide and where we can improve their ability to be more successful in running their business,” said Weaver. “They might be looking for more out of their current payroll provider, and also possibly be looking for improved quality of service. In many cases, we will also save them money because we don’t bundle our pricing. We only bill clients for what they need, want and use.”

“We are also active in our participation and support of the Chamber,” said Weaver. “We believe that Chamber members get out of the relationship what they put in, and we enjoy the opportunity to make a difference in Joliet.”

For more information about AmCheck, visit the Website at, call (630) 863-7222 or visit the office at 425 Quadrangle Drive Suite 100 in Bolingbrook, Il., 60440. Contact AmCheck managing partner Bryan Headley by email at