Sentinus offers comprehensive financial planning and solutions

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Sentinus, founded in Joliet in 1946, is an independent asset management company that provides comprehensive financial planning, investment portfolios and insurance solutions.

“We really wear three hats. We do comprehensive financial planning, we have an exceptional investment offering that’s really unique in the industry, and we are specialists on specific insurance issues,” said Sentinus partner Tyler Qualio.

The comprehensive financial planning that Sentinus offers looks at every facet of their client’s lives involving money with the goal to identify and eliminate any monetary weaknesses.

“We go over everything in their life that has any money attached to it,” said Qualio. “We look at everything with a dollar sign on it and look for gaps and missed opportunities. We’ll point out to them how they can enhance what they have already successfully implemented and improve on any areas they may be falling short.”

Sentinus also offers its clients a dynamically managed exchange traded fund (ETF) portfolio, which Qualio believes is a unique investment opportunity.

“We have developed a very unique investment portfolio. It’s basically a dynamically managed ETF strategy,” said Qualio. “It’s low-cost, it’s transparent, it’s liquid and it’s nimble. What we mean by nimble is the algorithms driving the portfolios give us mathematically based signals for when to either reduce or increase a client’s level of aggressiveness in their portfolio; essentially aiming to pull back when times are getting rough, or move forward when times are good. That’s the dynamic tactical element of it.”

Furthermore, Qualio says that Sentinus offers life insurance solutions for its clients that could potentially provide upgraded policies and lower premium payments.

“We examine existing life insurance policies that people have and point out if they can be improved,” said Qualio. “People don’t realize how competitive the industry is now. Policies that were purchased years ago can usually be upgraded, and people can have either more death benefit for the amount of premium they are currently paying, or they can lower their premiums and maintain the same level of death benefit.”

Formerly known as The Reynolds Group, Sentinus renamed and reformed their company into an independent registered advisory firm on June 1, 2012. Qualio believes that the change leaves the business in a better position to serve its clients.

“This move was two years in the making and it cost a lot of money, time, blood, sweat and tears,” said Qualio. “Going independent has really enhanced our client’s asset management via better tax efficiency, much more clarity and a reduction in cost. We’ve now made it to the finish line and are positioned to help successful business owners and professionals meet their goals.”

Qualio said that Sentinus’ membership with the Joliet Chamber will be helpful in building awareness of their new business name, as well as the services they offer to the community.

“What better way than to have the Chamber get the word out that The Reynolds Group is now Sentinus,” said Qualio. “The Chamber can help us let people know that they have a national firm right here in Joliet that helps wealthy people all over the country. You don’t have to go to downtown Chicago to get really high-end management or planning.”

For more information about Sentinus and Sentinus Asset Management, visit the Website at and view the video detailing their business. Contact Sentinus partner Tyler Qualio at (815) 729-2455 or by email at The offcie is located at 350 Houbolt Road, Suite 203. in Joliet.