Crown Services offers Joliet area businesses staffing resources 

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Crown Services, located in Joliet, is a staffing firm that offers Joliet area businesses the service of recruiting and providing job candidates when an employment opportunity arises.

"Crown Services is a staffing and human resource provider. We help businesses, small and large alike, who by virtue of growth or special projects find themselves in need of increasing their workforce. We offer the time and resources that would be of benefit to them," said Chicago West Region Branch Manager Paul Fedorchuk. "We have recruiters who are efficient, professional and have experience in the industry. We also have a massive and incredibly powerful account with CareerBuilder that gives us considerable search capabilities."

Crown Services, founded in 1968 in Ohio, is a Midwestern based company that has 35 different offices established across nine different states. Crown Services' Joliet office is one of six locations in the Chicagoland area.

"We've been in the Joliet area for probably close to 15 years now," said Fedorchuk. "We have six offices in the Chicago area and we are looking to expand our presence in Will County and Grundy County, and moving southward perhaps into Kankakee County as we are finding more and more opportunities. As businesses set up shop in this area, they have a need for assistance with recruiting."

Fedorchuk believes that Crown Services' membership with the Joliet Chamber is beneficial to his business through the networking opportunities that are provided through Chamber meetings and activities.

"It's all about exposure and getting your name out there. I think the Chamber is an excellent opportunity for that," said Fedorchuk. "I strongly embrace networking. I believe that the power of networking is unlimited. You network with a small group of likeminded professionals through the Chamber, and through their contacts, and then their contacts' contacts, you begin to gain that exposure and notoriety that you're looking for."

Fedorchuk says that Crown Services can be distinguished from their competitors because of the emphasis they place on the transparency of their services.

"We have transparency in all of our documentation. We leave our files open to our clients at any time because there are so many legal complications that could be experienced if anything is not done correctly," said Fedorchuk. "We value integrity. We never take shortcuts and we never put a client at risk. Everything is done in the open and there are no hidden costs. Our proposals and terms are very simple and basic. We stick to that and there are no variations and no change."

For more information about Crown Services, you can visit their website at, contact them through the phone at (815) 727-2432 or visit their office at 727 N. Center Street in Joliet, IL 60435. You can contact Chicago West Region Branch Manager Paul Fedorchuk through email at

You can also follow Crown Services through social media. Find them on Facebook at, and on Twitter at