Metaphrasis offers professional language services

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Metaphrasis Language and Cultural Solutions, LLC., headquartered in Frankfort, is a professional language services company offering interpreting and translation solutions which connect businesses with their diverse clients and the community. Metaphrasis has a second location in the West Loop of Chicago, dubbed the “Intercultural Center,” which hosts the company’s many interpreter trainings, educational forums and Professional Development workshops.

Elizabeth Colón, founder and president, began in 2007 with a mission to open a language services agency which provides qualified and trained individuals whom provide interpreting services. Now, five years later with two offices, Metaphrasis currently has contracts with distinguished healthcare facilities across the Midwest Region. Her experience in both non-profit and for profit environments enables her to cater to the needs of many different business environments.

As a provider of comprehensive language solutions for healthcare, government and private sector organizations, Metaphrasis focuses on offering services that allow businesses to comply with federal regulations while increasing customer satisfaction and quality.

“We offer a fleet of solutions, from on-site interpreting, American Sign Language services, to voice overs, and diversity training,” said Rosemary Wooley, Vice President of Business Development. “We also make available telephone interpreting, transcriptions, medical interpreter training and cultural competence courses. Video remote interpreting is just another service that rounds out the many solutions we offer.”

Wooley also pointed out that Professional Development courses are key to their business philosophy. The next Professional Development workshop on the Metaphrasis calendar is a guest speaker from the Brain Injury Association of Illinois to present on the topic of Brain Injury on Friday, Sept. 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This course will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to learn more about this important topic and for Medical Interpreters to earn CEU credits.

We also recognize a need for education and training as it relates to language service program implementation and compliance. To that end, many organizations need expert consultation to better understand federal compliance issues and to implement an effective language services program. To address this need, Metaphrasis recently announced an exclusive partnership with a former U.S. Department of Justice Attorney and nationally-recognized language compliance expert, Bruce Adelson.

Laws require organizations receiving federal funds to provide language assistance services. Within an organization, issues arise daily, which require assessment and consultation on compliance with federal requirements.

“Our compliance consulting program, Keeping It Legal, gives a lifeline to those needing help to clarify and comply with federal language assistance requirements,” pointed out Rosemary Wooley.

Metaphrasis can be found on the Web at From there you can access their newsletter, connect to both Facebook and Twitter and learn much more about their services. You may reach them at (815) 464-1423 or email at Rosemary Wooley can be reached at