Know your options: Different types of colleges

Nonprofit/Private These colleges and universities:receive funding primarily from student tuition and endowments. Some funding comes from governmental support in the form of tax breaks and student loansfollow the leadership of a board of trusteesdevelop own institutional plans since they operate mostly on private supportrely on private funds that lead to a higher average costoffer financial aid opportunities to reduce the total cost

Nonprofit/Pu blicThese colleges and universities:receive a large part of funding from state or local taxes. Some funding comes from tuition and endowme ntsfollow performance standards set by the statemost are sta te-run, which lowers the tuition for in-state studentstypically categorized as two-year, four-year, research, comprehensive, or communit y colleges

For-Profit/ProprietaryThese colleges and univers ities:receive up to 90 percent of their revenue f rom federal student aidoperate u nder the demands of investors and stockholdersusually offer a non-traditional formathave come under federal scrutiny for high-pressure sales/recruitment tactics