FVPD summer camps — something for everybody

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Fun for all ages: The Fox Valley Park District offers more than 75 summer camps. | SUPPLIED PHOTO


The Fox Valley
Park District

Website: www.foxvalleyparkdistrict.org


With more than 75 summer camps to choose from, the Fox Valley Park District has something for everybody. The wide range of programs provide enrichment for children of all ages, from 2-year-old toddlers to young teenagers.

What all these camps have in common is that they are unforgettable. Summer camp is full of excitement, adventure and new activities — treasured experiences in a young person’s life.

One of the greatest takeaways from the summer camp experience are the lifelong memories that result. Every adult who attended camp in their youth fondly remembers the first bull’s eye they hit at the archery range or hiking to that secret cave.

Summer camp brings kids off the couch, away from the temptations of technological gadgets, and into a world of discovery where they are able to learn and explore. At the heart of every summer camp are fun activities that paint positive impressions of healthy living and active lifestyles that children carry into adulthood.

No matter a camper’s age, they’re bound to develop friendships and form lasting bonds, as camp provides wonderful opportunities for kids to connect with peers their own age.

The FVPD offers free community camps — Summer Playgrounds and Neighborhood Art – and dozens of specialty camps. These include Ultimate Destination Camps — sign up for all seven of these one-week camps or do just a handful.

Tons of sports camps are available, too — including activities like lacrosse and skateboarding.

There’s no shortage of exciting camp opportunities. Visit www.foxvalleyparkdistrict.org, and open new worlds for your child through a summer camp experience. They’ll thank you for a lifetime.