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Spring is right around the corner. Before we know it, summer camp will be in full swing. Camps are busy creating groups, scheduling activities and preparing for your camper’s arrival. Before long, you will be putting your camper on the bus and sending them to camp for a summer of play, fun, friendship and learning. Technology has become a great tool for camps and camp families to prepare for the camp season, stay connected throughout the summer and keep parents informed of happenings throughout the year.

Many families use online enrollment tools to register their children for camp. This is just the starting point of how camps use technology to get ready for the camp season. As summer draws closer, many camps will ask you to fill out group requests, health forms and lunch menus online. Some camps even allow you to make payments over the web. Not sure if your camp is using technology yet? Check out their website or call the camp office to find out.

The use of technology by camps has also allowed for greater opportunities for communication between parents and camp throughout the summer. Parents can read online newsletters, send and receive emails and look at camp pictures allowing them experience the joy of camp from afar. Photo websites allow camps to post photo galleries. It’s a simple process to log in and create your own account to be able to see your camper’s photos.

Many camps will stay connected throughout the summer and school year using social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can check out your camp on these sites to find the latest news on enrollment, camp activities and off-season events. Facebook is a great social media platform to find out about last minute schedule changes, weather updates and parent visiting days. Be sure to become a Facebook fan and like the camps that your children attend. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to connect with other parents in the community and can be great resources to explore current parenting topics.

Technology has helped to make preparing for camp and staying connected with the camp community much more simple. Be sure to log on this summer and make the most of your camp experience.