How commuter students can assimilate into campus culture

Many commuter students find it difficult to assimilate when arriving on a college campus. Living off-campus, be it in their own apartment or at home with their parents, can make it difficult for commuter students to make friends with classmates who live in the dorms, where
they already have a built-in social network.

However, while it’s often easier for students living on campus to assimilate into campus culture, commuter students can still become an integral part of their colleges and universities. The following are a few tips that might help commuter students more easily assimilate into campus culture.

* Form a study group. The classroom is where many commuter students are introduced to their fellow students, so it’s a great place for commuters to make new friends. A study group outside the classroom can be a bonding experience for commuter students and their classmates, and such groups can be a great way for commuters to improve their grades while learning about social gatherings on campus.

* Join student organizations. Student organizations, whether it’s student government, the campus radio station or a school-based charity, are great opportunities to get the most out of a college or university. They’re also great places to meet new people and expand your social circle. Commuter students can still be actively involved in campus life
even if they don’t live on campus, and student organizations are a great way to do just that.

* Get a job on campus. Many commuter students work in an effort to offset the rising costs of tuition. When looking for work, such students can look for an on-campus job where they can meet more of their fellow students. This is a great way to put some money in your pocket while further involving yourself in campus life.

* Play sports. Intramural sports are wildly popular on many college campuses, and you need not be a great athlete to take advantage of these opportunities. Ask friends or acquaintances from class if they have a spot on their teams, or organize a team of your fellow commuter students. Intramural sports can be a great, pressure-free way to make new friends on campus while getting a little exercise to boot.

* Make lunch dates. Many college students, especially those living in dorm rooms that aren’t equipped with kitchens, have their meals with friends and fellow students. Commuters can do the same, booking lunch or dinner dates with classmates and friends. This keeps you on campus longer, which allows you more time to make friends and assimilate into the campus culture.

Courtesy of Metro Creative