Joining student organizations benefits your present, future

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Sign up: Joining an on-campus club or organization is a great way for students to meet new people and improve their overall college experience. | SUPPLIED PHOTO

Once students have adapted to college, many seek opportunities to become more actively involved in life on campus. College clubs and organizations provide benefits that further enhances college life.

Meet people

Joining a student club or organization is a great way for college students to meet fellow students, professors and other people of note on campus. This is especially beneficial for first-year college students, whose social circle may otherwise be limited to roommates or fellow residents of their dormitories. Joining a club or student organization can quickly expand that social circle to include people who share your interests and not just your dorm assignment.

Find a major

Many first-year college students are unsure about a course of study, enrolling as an undeclared. Such students can benefit from joining clubs or student organizations that pique their interests. For example, joining an on-campus debate club might help you discover a passion for debate, which can lead down a path to becoming a lawyer. Students who enroll in college without declaring a major may have the most to gain by joining a club or organization.

Boost your GPA

Joining a club or student organization also may make you a better student. That’s especially likely for students who join a club or organization that’s aligned with their field of study. A club or organization can help you apply lessons from the classroom in real-world situations, improving your grasp of certain concepts. In addition, your fellow club members may make great teachers, especially those who are ahead of you and have taken many of the same classes you’re now taking or can expect to take down the road. Such students can be invaluable resources, helping explain concepts and offering advice as to which courses to take and which professors they prefer.

Network with

Clubs and campus organizations also are a great way to begin networking with professionals in your future line of work. Many clubs or organizations bring in professionals within the field to speak to members. Such speeches and discussions are typically members-only, which means you will have an advantage over fellow students in your field of study who have not gone the extra mile and joined a club or organization. Professionals may also give you advice on finding an internship in your field or a job once you have graduated.

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