Tips for a successful and smooth school day

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You barely have time to take a sip of your coffee as you rush out the door with your children in tow. As you toss granola bars back to your breakfast deprived kids, you do a mental checklist to be sure you didn’t forget lunch boxes, homework or backpacks. There’s no close parking and you have to gather your brood and trek through the front doors huffing and puffing and ten minutes late. After a quick squeeze goodbye and a nod to the teachers, your kids are in their classrooms and accounted for. The only thought in your head is: ‘that could have gone better.’

“I think parental school etiquette is often overlooked for that fact that parents are in a hurry, whether they have multiple children or just one, our days are usually filled with appointments, play dates, classes, etc. Sometimes as a parent, we are just trying to get from one obligation to another, which can include getting your child to and from school in as timely manner as possible,” said Ami Speigel, Wheeling mother of three. “Hallways and classrooms are often crowded and parents are busy enough navigating through the masses.”

The success of your children at school in some ways depends on how well parents abide by social niceties and decorum. Be prepared before the next school day by reading the following tips to help your children flourish at school.

Tick tock, be on time

Tardiness can be disruptive to the class and disrespectful to the teachers.

“It’s really important that all school rules for parents are followed to keep things in order and for the day to flow nicely. It’s absolutely critical that parent’s pick up their children on time. When a child is picked up late it puts a strain on the teacher’s schedule,” said Afsaneh Karimian, director and teacher at Arlington Montessori School. “When a child is left waiting, they begin to wonder and it really upsets them and they think they are forgotten.”

Read teacher notes

“No matter how many children you have put through school or even if you know what is being sent to you, take the minute to read the note as there may be some new critical information that applies to you,” Karimian said. “Sometimes when a note is overlooked by a parent, it causes some level of confusion or rework for the school.”

Dress for the weather

Chicago produces icy cold winters and your children should be appropriately dressed for the elements to ensure that they are healthy, safe and able to participate with their classmates.

Parent involvement is essential

“Attending the school events, celebrations and field trips is vital not only to see what is going on in the school but to show their child they are involved and care,” said Karimian. “Parents need to realize the impact their participation in their child’s school life has. When a child whose parents do not participate sees their classmates with their parents, they feel very isolated and sad.”

Learn around the clock

Be effective educators and motivators at home by engaging in learning activities with your children to ensure academic success.

“Not taking the time to go the extra mile with your child after school can eliminate all the work and effort your child and their teachers put in for their education,” Karimian said.

Give thanks

“We always love to hear form our parents. It’s important that the parents recognize the effort, care and love the teacher’s put into their child,” Karimian said. “Our teacher’s put their hearts into their work with the children and give it all they can to assure the needs of each child are met. It energizes and motivates them when they know they are appreciated by the parents.”