Transitioning from high school to college (West)

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The school year is wrapping up; high school seniors are enjoying their last few weeks as the large fish in a small pond. They’ll be moving on to bigger and better waters — college. The time from now until college begins will be one of the most important and transformative periods of their lives.

Principal Peter Groom of Fenwick High School in Oak Park has an interesting insight on the experience seniors are facing as they prepare to graduate from high school. Visual and avowal events are scheduled at the high school to highlight the seniors that are about to expand their academic careers.

“We have College Declaration Day in which there is an assembly. The students wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt with the name of the college that they plan to attend,” Groom said. “The rest of the school is in uniform. At the assembly, we recognize the different colleges that our students will attend and the different scholarships that have been awarded.”

Seniors at Fenwick High School are the primary focus at the culminating Honors Convocation, which recognizes students’ academic and non-athletic extracurricular achievements that were earned during the school year.

Students that heed the advice and guidance from their high school educators will be better off as they transition from high school to college. Whether they spend their time actively studying, working, or relaxing with family and friends, one thing is certain: this momentous time will be one to remember.