Documentary analyzes ‘Twilight’ saga’s effect on female pysche

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The extended foreplay in the "Twilight" saga films may be one reason why women find it fascinating.

The “Twilight Saga” is a nearly $6 billion franchise. Sales of the series’ books have eclipsed those of “Harry Potter,” and its newest installment has already grossed nearly $600 million.

But people continue to wonder why the “Twilight” series is so popular, particularly with women. What is the allure that draws so many women to report being “addicted” to the saga and appear to be borderline obsessed with it?

Manhattan psychologist Dr. Niloo Dardashti addresses these questions in her new documentary “Into the Twilight Haze.”

In the film a woman who is about to leave her husband describes how “Twilight” triggered her need for a more intense connection with a lover and how she can no longer go on lying to herself. This is just one of several stories shared in the film in which Dardashti explores the appeal and impact of the “Twilight” series across generations and cultures.

She facilitates an exploration into the hearts of several women touched by “Twilight,” drawing out universal themes through a series of interviews and expert commentary. What truly makes for good sex in long-term relationships, and how does “Twilight” shed light on this classic question? In the film, Dardashti explores how “Twilight” can be used as a vehicle to enhance male-female dynamics.

Dr. Dardashti is a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified holistic health practitioner, providing psychotherapy and life-coaching services to adults and couples in New York City.

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