Misconceptions about laser hair removal

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Permanently smooth: Spring may be the right time to have laser hair removal done in order to be beach-ready for summer. | Photo by Brandpoint

For people considering laser hair removal for the summer, there’s good news — now is the perfect time to start. Easily hidden under typical cool weather clothing like bulky sweaters and leggings, skin is shielded from the sun and thus in perfect condition for hair removal.

Here are the top five laser hair removal myths busted by Dr. Paul Flashner, chief medical director for American Laser Skincare:

Doesn’t treat all skin types

It is important to note that if you are considering laser hair removal, you should first work closely with a skincare consultant to understand what treatment options work best for your individual skin.

Too painful

No pain no gain? The leading-edge technology in laser hair removal has enabled a more comfortable experience for those nervous about the “ouch” factor. It delivers an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the area.

Too expensive

While laser hair removal does require a more substantial upfront investment, long-term results significantly trump traditional routines such as shaving or waxing. Studies have shown that women spend, on average, $10,000 on shaving over their lifetime, with waxing more than doubling the investment, especially when done by a professional. Laser hair removal can help save time and money over the course of a lifetime.

Requires frequent
clinic visits and treatments

GentleMax Pro treatments are separated by a window of four to 12 weeks depending on the treatment area and the individual’s hair regrowth cycle, making long-term hair removal a much less tedious and time-consuming task. In order to be ready for summer, now is the perfect time to start.

Need to let unsightly hair grow
in between treatments

Laser treatments target the root of the hair rather than the surface hair so you are able to shave in between treatments and not worry about growing any unsightly hair.

For additional tips and useful information about hair removal, visit www.hairremovalforum.com.

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