Dressing post-mastectomy patients


There are multiple adjustments following any breast surgery. One of the difficulties many women have following post-lumpectomy or post-mastectomy is how to regain symmetry. Even with reconstruction, time — and the normal aging process — may produce changes in a woman’s silhouette with which she is not happy. Lymphedema is another issue that can present lifelong challenges. These are a few of the challenges The Women’s Boutique inside ABC Medical Services can address.

New technology is developing updated symmetry solutions every year; at the Women’s Boutique we believe in staying up to the moment in the latest innovations by attending trade shows a few times every year and bringing back assorted solutions to give our customers true options based on their lifestyle and needs.

The Women’s Boutique offers the largest on-site size selection of in-stock, post-mastectomy prostheses and bras in our area. Additionally, lymphedema garments (LympheDivas now available), strapless bras, swimsuits, swim prostheses, loungewear, and head-coverings are available and in stock. If there is something requested in a different color or style, we maintain various catalogues and are happy to accommodate your request.

Another unique feature offered by ABC Medical Services is the owner, Deborah Parra, CEO of ABC Medical Services, Inc. in Lansing. She is a registered nurse bringing over three decades of experience. The initial assessment and prosthetic fitting of every post-mastectomy customer is done by Parra to provide a holistic approach to address the impact of current concerns with past physical issues. Health instruction, emotional support and written materials are provided for clients based on individual needs. Referrals for specialized needs are made when indicated.

For many women, the Women’s Boutique experience begins with a pre-operative consultation to explain the boutique’s services and fit them for the immediate post-op needs: drainage management and/or compression needs. Clients are informed of the various products available for scar reduction: special deodorants, lotions, and, friction-free garments for post-radiation/chemotherapy, or special garments to manage lymphedema. Other existing health conditions may impact the client requiring the nurse to consult with the physician on their behalf.

The Women’s Boutique has two full-time, post-mastectomy fitters. If it’s your first time, an appointment is helpful; no appointments necessary for follow-up fittings. The Women’s Boutique is a private area within ABC Medical with its own private fitting rooms; the intimate stock is close at hand for convenience and ensured privacy. The Women’s Boutique is leading the way in post-mastectomy services and raising the bar!

More information about the Women’s Boutique inside ABC Medical Services, 3601 Ridge Road, Lansing, can be found at www.abcmedicalservices.com, or at 708.418.0008.

Provided by ABC Medical Services