Breast care center offers collaborative effort

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Dr. Sasmita Misra, breast radiologist


As part of an ongoing commitment to bringing a superior level of breast care to the community, the fully accredited mammography program at Franciscan St. Margaret Health’s Breast Care Center is overseen by board-certified, fellowship-trained breast radiologist Sasmita Misra, M.D.

Misra will provide breast radiology services for both the Dyer and Hammond campuses. “I trained out at UCLA, where I specifically focused on breast imaging,” Misra says. “My goal when I came out here was to provide the same services and standards of care at Franciscan St. Margaret Health that you can find in a large academic institution. We are equipped to provide comprehensive care, from a screening mammogram to a breast MRI. I do all of the procedures that are involved with the detection of breast cancer, including ultrasound and stereotactic-guided biopsies, as well as MRI-guided biopsies.”

Misra is passionate about the importance of collaboration in a clinical setting. “We hold a multidisciplinary conference on Mondays for every newly diagnosed patient with breast cancer. During that time, the oncologist, the radiation oncologist, the breast surgeon, the breast radiologist and the breast pathologist all meet to discuss the patient. We have a comprehensive plan of care ready so the patient’s treatment is not fragmented.”

Once the course of treatment is decided, “Our nurse navigator will continuously talk to the patient and make sure the patient is getting everything that was discussed during the conference in a timely fashion,” Misra says. “We try to make sure we expedite everything as quickly as possible.”

The Breast Care Center at Franciscan St. Margaret Health has been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.

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