When cancer becomes personal

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Everywhere you turn it seems the subject of cancer is constantly lingering over you. There are continuous updates on the news about this product causing cancer, or how too much of this or that can increase the risk of cancer. It is almost impossible not to be paranoid that cancer might be waiting just around the corner.

People definitely have to take all the news updates and Facebook posts with a grain of salt. However, you may view the world of cancer differently when you’ve lost a love one to this life-threatening disease.

Most doctors recommend women have a mammogram done at age 35 with or without a family history of breast cancer. But what if you do have a family history of cancer? A friend of mine recently told me she had a mammogram done at the age of 29 because she has a history of cancer in her family. Plus during both of her pregnancies, she had a lump emerge giving her every right to be worried about the possibility of breast cancer. I’m currently 32 and had never really considered getting a mammogram. It was always something I thought women do once they hit a certain age or have possible symptoms of cancer. Since my grandmother died of breast cancer and my aunts have found lumps, which thankfully were benign, I am starting to realize scheduling a mammogram sooner rather than later might be a better option.

NorthShore Health Centers realizes the importance of early detection which is why they purchased state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment adding mammograms to their list of low-cost services. NorthShore is dedicated to ensuring women have the opportunity to receive screenings for early detection of breast cancer which is why their mammograms are offered at a discounted rate and given to women who are symptom free and meet the American Cancer guidelines for screenings. Their goal is not only to provide affordable mammograms but also offer a convenient place where women feel comfortable and safe during this worrisome time in their lives.

NorthShore Health Centers is proud to offer awareness and educate women on the importance of regular breast cancer screenings. They are also proud to be a Pink Ribbon Facility and be recognized for excellence in breast health.

For more information on NorthShore’s mammography program, call (219) 763-8112 or visit www.northshorehealth.org.

Provided by Tricia Hall, marketing manager for NorthShore Health Centers