Wigs suited for chemotherapy hair-loss

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Variety: M & M Beauty Supply offers both synthetic and human-hair wigs in a slew of colors. | Supplied photo

Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

It strikes teens and seniors and those of all ages in-between. It hits the light-hearted and the serious, the fashionista and those leaning more toward traditional attire.

Both the rich and the poor and people of all races and genders can find themselves diagnosed with a form of the disease.

Because of this, Abdulla Abdelqader has stocked his five M & M Beauty Supply stores in Northwest Indiana with wigs to suit any woman who has lost her hair while undergoing chemotherapy to fight the disease.

“We cater to all ages and all races,” Abdelqader said.

More than 100 wigs line the back area of Abdelqader’s store at 254 W. 81st Ave. in Merrillville. They range in price from $4.99 for a clearance wig to $899 for a shoulder-length blonde wig made of 100 percent premium human hair that is both light and life-like.

Sales clerk Henrietta McCarty said you can tell a quality wig by its texture, and the way it’s cut and styled. With more expensive wigs, the part in the hair looks natural.

A variety of choices

M & M Beauty Supply carries both synthetic and human-hair wigs in a slew of colors. There are even some with purple highlights and one that is all bright orange. McCarty said they sell a reversible wig, which has two different styles, depending on which way you turn it, and wigs with Velcro inside so they can be adjusted to fit every head. One company only makes gray-haired wigs.

McCarty said cancer victims can wear either synthetic or human hair wigs, but tend to prefer the human hair ones.

“Also with cancer victims, a lot of women like styles that look more natural on them and with the same color as their own hair,” McCarty said.

Abdelqader said many of the women bring their husband, mothers or someone else that they are close with to help them pick out a wig.

“Some want privacy,” he said.

McCarty said some women like to have more than one wig, to change styles. The store’s policy of buy one wig, get one half-price, helps these women with the cost. She said customers can also get $5 off any wig on display and can get further discounts with the store’s VIP discount card.

Abdelqader said he always reminds his customers to read the instructions that come with the wig so they can properly maintain the hair piece. He also sells a large variety of products to keep the wig looking good and feeling comfortable, including conditioners, shampoos, stop itch sprays and detanglers.

Other products

M & M Beauty Supply also sells many products that make all women feel pretty and look sharp, including jewelry, cosmetics, T-shirts, scarves and purses. It does not sell hair pieces for men, however.

Abdelqader plans on providing even more of all these products in a new, larger store, to be located just a couple doors east of his current building on West 81st Avenue (U.S. 30). The new building, which will be his sixth store in the region, is under construction and should be ready to open around the end of November or early December.

“I’ll have a larger wig selection in the new store. I’ll try to have the more expensive ones there and the less expensive wigs in this store,” he said.

More information is at mmbeautysupply.com.