8 easy ways to work exercise into your daily life

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Sneaking in the exercise: Taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator is one easy way to work some exercise into your everyday routine. | File photo

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The Diabetes Prevention Program — a large study done in people with pre-diabetes — showed that 150 minutes of physical activity a week (30 minutes, five times a week) helped prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. In this study, people also lost 10 to 20 pounds by making changes in their eating habits.

The American Diabetes Association, www.diabetes.org

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The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or the general adult public should aim for a minimum of 30 minutes most days. Walking, gardening, doing yard work, swimming, or cleaning house will all work to meet this goal. Anything that increases your heart rate and causes you to break a light sweat.

In addition to formal exercise, there are many opportunities to be active throughout the day. Some ways that you can be more active throughout the day include:

1. Walk instead of drive whenever possible

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

3. Work in the garden, rake leaves, or do some housecleaning every day

4. Park at the far end of the shopping center lot and walk to the store

5. Walk down every aisle of the grocery store

6. Walk in place or stretch while you watch TV

7. Walk around the house or up and down stairs while you talk on the phone

8. Get up from your desk and take a lap around the office once each hour while you are at work

— The American Diabetes Association, www.diabetes.org