Overweight? Know your diabetes risk

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Obesity is one of the most widely recognized factors leading to diabetes.

Today is the day

You can help the ADA achieve its Join the Million Challenge, which runs through April 22. During this time, the ADA is rallying 1 million people to take the Diabetes Risk Test. Starting today, on Diabetes Alert Day, you can be part of the movement to Stop Diabetes and get your free Diabetes Risk Test (English or Spanish) in one of several ways:

Take the Diabetes Risk Test

Call (800) DIABETES

Text JOIN to 69866

Visit them online at www.stopdiabetes.com

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More than 8 percent of Americans suffer from diabetes, and about 7 million others are walking around with the disease and don’t even know it. On Diabetes Alert Day, March 22, the American Diabetes Association encourages people to take the Diabetes Risk Test to become informed about their chances of developing the disease. But a diagnosis isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of a challenge to change our lifestyles, to exercise and lose weight with the hope of managing, or eliminating, diabetes.