Survey shows people look forward to golden years

Survey says...

Research conducted by Gallup and Robinson Americans 18 to 65+ years old how they feel about getting old. Key findings of the research include:

Nearly half of those over 50 (41 percent) said they were “optimistic” about getting old as compared with “uneasy”, “angry” or “prepared”

A vast majority of those who feel aging is better than expected cite good health (74 percent), wisdom (72 percent) and greater appreciation for friends and family (72 percent) as the top reasons

51 percent of all people surveyed think they look younger than their age, and 40 percent think they are wiser than their age

Given a list of lifetime achievements, those 18 to 34 (45 percent) rank having $1 million first, while those over 65 (48 percent) would rather see their grandchild graduate from college

With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day — and according to recently released research, a majority of them expecting to live to nearly 90 — the celebration of older Americans is a developing trend, and more people are aspiring to live longer and better than ever before.

The latest research conducted by Gallup and Robinson as part of Pfizer’s Get Old initiative asked more than 1,000 Americans 18 to 65+ years old how they feel about getting old. The results showed that priorities and perceptions about aging shift over time. “We all have one thing in common — each day we get older. At every age and stage of our lives, we can make choices and take actions that will help us live longer and better. There are so many positive role models today who are changing how people think about aging,” said Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer. “There’s a huge opportunity to support the shift that’s underway. At, we want to hear what people want and need to live better and healthier and create a forum for dialogue on what it means to ‘get old’ today.”

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