Convenient way to get hearing checked

Say what? Hear, but can’t understand? If so, a hearing test may be in order.

Good hearing is a quality-of-life issue that may creep up gradually on individuals as they age, said Mike Hetrick, a hearing specialist for Advanced Hearing Technologies Inc., of Fort Wayne. Getting a hearing exam and finding a hearing instrument suited to the individual can make a huge difference.

Key indicators of hearing loss are depression, isolation and getting aggravated in conversations. People experiencing hearing loss may also say others are mumbling when nobody else has a problem hearing the person.

“If your family is telling you to turn the TV down constantly, you may have a problem,” Hetrick said.

That’s where Advanced Hearing comes in. Since 1992 the company’s hearing technicians have been meeting with clients to perform a series of tests that determine if there is a problem and what that problem may be.

“We offer a very large line of hearing instruments to help,” Hetrick said. “We start off with a very thorough hearing test and a good education about what type of hearing loss you’ve got and what can be done to correct it.”

While the company is headquartered in Fort Wayne, its technicians meet with clients in convenient locations closer to their homes. The Northern Indiana offices in Osceola, South Bend, Valparaiso and the newest location in the conference room at the Country Inn and Suites, 8311 Ohio St., in Merrillville, are welcoming a new technician.

“It’s a way of reaching out to more people. We believe in full service,” Hetrick said.

Hetrick said technicians travel from town to town and typically spend at least one day a week in each one to meet with clients so they do not have to travel far for services.

Individuals interested in meeting with a technician to discuss their hearing issues are encouraged to call to schedule a session at (888) 333-5744.

Provided by Advanced Hearing Technologies Inc.