Men need "me time," too - How to carve some solitude into a busy schedule

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Women aren't the only ones who need some "me time." Guys need to find some time to decompress, too.

The man cave stereotype contains some truth: Many men need a few minutes away from others after a busy day to decompress, gather their thoughts and reenergize. How can men find this time alone without leaving their loved ones feeling ignored?

For men who are married or in a relationship, creating space in their day for solitude can be difficult. However, research shows that alone time is among men’s most important needs. A recent study at the Florida State University College of Business surveyed more than 400 working couples from a wide spectrum of occupations. During the study, men and women were asked how they preferred their partners to support them and help them relieve work-related stress. In addition to appreciation and affection, men identified a need for their partners to allow them to spend time alone.

Find five ways to balance your own need solitude with the needs of your partner or family.