New doc aims to treat the whole family

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Dr. Syeda Ali.

A small-town practice near several larger cities attracted Syeda Ali, M.D., to join the family practice of the KishHealth Physician Group in Plano.

Ali has traveled internationally practicing medicine, said that she values being a part of a small community.

"I have worked in medically under-served areas of Chicago where a lot of high-risk behaviors lead to problems like substance abuse, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases,'' Ali said. "In my new practice, I am able to concentrate my efforts on a more family-oriented environment."

Since September, she has been part of the family medicine group that treats people of all ages, and focuses on caring for the whole family. She is one of today's doctors who consider their listening skills to be as important as their diagnostic skills.

"I work hard at being a good listener. It does take time to really get to the heart of what people are saying," Ali said. "In family practice, we can take that time."

And because she does have the experience of working with different cultures and socioeconomic groups, she said she's at ease with helping patients from all walks of life.

Ali said she's already establishing relationships with several generations of the same family, which she finds rewarding. "I'm glad I can take care of newborns as well as help families as their loved ones reach the end of life," she said.

Because of her affiliation with Valley West Community Hospital and KishHealth System, she cares for her own patients when they require hospitalization. "My patient doesn't get handed off to somebody new," she said. "That makes patients much more comfortable at a stressful time."

As a physician, she stresses the importance of preventive medicine.

"I can't emphasize enough the importance of children getting their immunizations and for adults to keep current with their health screenings like colonoscopies, mammograms and Pap smears.'' She pointed out that patients should be getting flu shots to avoid flu this season.

Ali said she is looking forward to getting to know the community better, as she recently settled in the area with her own family. And despite the best of preventive care, she knows she will be treating her neighbors when they do get sick.

"The most satisfying part of my work is helping my patients get well,'' she said. "Then I feel happy too.''