Valley West helps prepare new moms and dads for childbirth experience

Today childbirth is a team effort, and educating couples — not just moms — about what’s going to happen has become the focus of prepared childbirth. Valley West Community Hospital in Sandwich, part of KishHealth System, offers expectant parents classes that address prenatal care for mothers, labor and delivery, C-sections and other unexpected events as well as the basics of the postpartum period.

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Hospital entrances change during construction

 The main entrance of Valley West Community Hospital is closed due to construction of the new patient wing. All patients and visitors are now asked to use the Emergency Room entrance as the main entrance to the hospital until construction is complete. "We understand that …

Dekalb therapist: 5 tips to keep Parkinson's patients moving

Physical therapy, the right equipment and an understanding of limitations can help Parkinson's patients and their caregivers. An upcoming class at Valley West offers several tips to make life easier.

KishHealth assumes management of Dekalb home care patients

Beginning Jan. 1, KishHealth System began caring for patients of DeKalb County Health Department's Home Care program that ended Dec. 31, 2012. KishHealth System has acquired the service from the health department. Home health care allows individuals to remain independent and postpones or eliminates the …

New doc aims to treat the whole family

Valley West's new family practice doctor, Syeda Ali, says being a good listener is her key to success with families and patients of all ages.

Like big-city hospitals, Valley West has ultrasound for emergency patients

It's not unusual for a small rural hospital to lack the emergency room equipment found in large urban facilities. That's why Valley West is particularly proud of its emergency room ultrasound. It saves lives close to home, plain and simple.

Infant care class a warmup for parents of winter newborns

Every new parent wants to know the best way to care for their newborn. Parents of babies born in wintertime have a few extra concerns - how to keep their baby warm and safe from winter germs, for example. A baby care class at Valley West Hospital offers helpful tips.

Physical therapy helps new moms stretch through and after pregnancy

Physical therapy is well-known for its benefits after a stroke or a joint replacement. But did you know today's physical therapists also can help expectant and new moms with the physical challenges that women face during pregnancy and the post-partum period? "We're here to let …

Drug store's boutique helps cancer patients feel beautiful again 

How patients look during and after breast cancer treatment can actually affect how they feel. For that reason, Valley West Community Hospital and Lehan Drugs have teamed up to offer assistance and education on the products, prostheses and garments that make women feel beautiful again.

New wing: Auxiliary donates first major gift of $50,000

As part of groundbreaking and donor appreciation event at Valley West Community Hospital on Thursday, Sept. 13, KishHealth Foundation board member, Dr. Ann West, a Sandwich obstetrician and gynecologist and Valley West chief of staff, announced the first major gift to the annual Heart of …

Dieters learn to focus on hunger sensation to eat mindfully

Focusing on hunger may seem like a strange way of helping people lose weight, but the Mindful Eating program at Valley West Community Hospital does just that. By thinking about the body's actual need for nutrients and real hunger and fullness signals, the eight-week program …

How hope and gratitude improve mental health

The term "mental health" still has a way to go before it stops raising eyebrows. But the therapists associated with KishHealth System are actively working to change the negative image that comes to mind for many as they consider seeking help for emotional issues. In …

Practical parenting tips for preventing childhood obesity

Parents, did you know you have the power to turn the tide of a public health crisis? And all you have to do is be willing to change and plan ahead. Childhood obesity across the nation has tripled in the past 30 years. However, with a little help from medical professionals, childhood obesity is completely preventable.

Valley West Auxiliary to host Harvest Moon Dinner Dance

The Valley West Community Hospital Auxiliary will host the Harvest Moon Dinner Dance Saturday, Nov. 3 at Edgebrook in Sandwich. The fundraiser will benefit the Valley West Expansion Project and healthcare scholarship program. The evening begins with appetizers and cash bar available at 5:30 p.m. …

Get cooking with the best veggies of the season

It's August - the basil is bursting with aroma, the tomatoes are red and the peppers are ready for plucking. Next question: What do you do with the vegetables once they are in your kitchen? Valley West Community Hospital has some ideas to share during …

The new Community Wellness calendar is out

Valley West Community Hospital offers a variety of community wellness classes and programs. Find a complete list in our Fall/Winter Community Wellness calendar. For additional information and to register, visit If you would like to speak to a member of the Community Wellness Department, …