Will local duo make it onto 'America's Got Talent'?

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Lincoln Hall
2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
People's Music Benefit Concert
3 p.m., Feb. 17

Everyone loves a love story, and everyone loves a mystery. That's what Acoustic Truth - the Chicago-area duo Sarah Lendy and Ryan Knott -- are hoping propels them forward in the "America's Got Talent" competition. Kind of.

Whether or not the duo is a romantic couple, Lendy said, "is for everyone else to guess. We want to leave it up to everyone's imagination. Sometimes it can be a good thing to be a couple. Sometimes we don't want to disclose that."

Whatever their romantic status, Knott and Lendy, both 23, have been prolific at writing love songs about one another.

"A decent amount of [songs] are about each other," Lendy said.

The duo was invited to audition for AGT Jan. 26 and 27, after Knott submitted one of their YouTube videos online.

"We got a phone call that we got selected," Lendy said. "We ended up having an audition this past Saturday. They told us we are not able to disclose any information."

If Acoustic Truth makes it on to the live shows, they will have the backing of Chicago. Lendy grew up on the northwest side of the city and Knott has lived in Huntley for more than a decade.

This past summer is when Lendy and Knott started pursuing music professionally and decided they wanted to make a career out of it - after having come together a little more than three years ago.

"Ryan and I got started back three summers ago," Lendy said. "Ryan was planning on playing summer ball, but he got injured and ended up doing an internship over the summer. It was the same internship I was doing at a camp with people with special needs.

"He was the baseball counselor and I was the basketball counselor. We would just goof around with the kids. With a week left in camp, Ryan had mentioned something about playing a guitar and singing. We had a jam session and played the guitar together. After the camp, he went back to Duke and I went back to Lake Forest."

Once half the country separated them again, the two would record songs on Garage Band and send them back and forth to each other.

"After awhile, we kind of stopped talking," Lendy said. "The next summer, he ended up calling me and we wrote a song together."

Now, Lendy and Knott are awaiting their fate on AGT and getting ready for a Feb. 17, show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

The show will act as an album release party for Acoustic Truth and a fundraiser for The People's Music School. The non-profit's work provides instruments and tuition-free music education for more than 500 children in Chicago.

As far as the general public, they will have to wait to find out if the local duo made it on the big stage on AGT. Either way, Lendy says the group will be just fine, as they have met with labels in Los Angeles recently.

As far as the competition goes, the duo will have to wait until March or the beginning of April to find out their fate.

"We sang our hearts out, though," Lendy said.