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Professional designers are interested in finding a way to create visual representations of their work online in a dynamic and stylized way, which hinges on superior organization, the means to share projects and the ability to capitalize on virtual communication. This is where Wecora, a sophisticated design platform for interior designers, exclusively for professional use, comes in and shines.

“We focused 100 percent of our efforts in creating an online, collaborative tool that would enable designers to do what they love — being creative and designing — and stop wasting time doing everything else that seemed to suck the time from their days: searching through endless client emails, trying to remember how many yards of a fabric they needed, spending hours making presentation boards to show clients, etc.,” said Stephanie Dixon, co-founder of Wecora. “After years of having my own business, I knew all to well these frustrations and I was beyond excited to be a part of developing a solution.”

Wecora offers a chic tool system for designers, which appears to scratch the itch of what is needed in the design world today. Wecora’s website also brings great visibility to designers through client online searches.

“While we know we have designed a great tool, we attribute our exponential growth to the power of word-of-mouth and designers who can’t stop talking about us to other designers in their networks,” Dixon said. “While our client is the designer, we are already No. 1 on Google searches for “compare interior designers” so we realize that many prospective clients are coming to our site to view the featured designer boards we have displayed.”

Dixon went on to say that a business website is truly the brand. It tells a lot about you, your character, your passion and your drive. Wecora’s site has been intentionally created with a straightforward sleek and simple design that is easily accessible and user-friendly.

So, how does it work?

With Wecora, the designer can quickly create a project design board; share the board with a client or contractor, safely and securely; communicate about the board, online or via smart phone; promote the board through social media and, finally, document privileged notes regarding the project. The best news is that the designer can do it all in one handy online location, keeping their designs and clients organized and making their business profitable.

“Whether we like it or not, the pace of the world is getting faster, expectations are getting higher and technology is the one thing that has the power to save us time,” Dixon said.

Wecora — a designer’s best friend and advocate — helps to make the process easier through support and education.

“We have online tutorials that our subscribers can view to guide them through our system. We offer bi-weekly webinars that they can attend that thoroughly explain what Wecora can do for them, which also provides them with the opportunity to ask specific questions,” Dixon said.

How is Wecora different from Pinterest, a popular virtual pegboard for collecting ideas for projects and interests, or other online design systems?

“We have created a product that is in a category of its own; there are several other systems out there that allow designers to put together design boards, but those sites are not built exclusively for the design professional,” Dixon said. “If clients had access to the very same system that our designers did, this would dilute the power of this tool that only the designer can bring to the table. With our system, the designer has full control; they decide what pricing and product details are visible and even who can view the boards.”

Wecora knows their audience; they give their designers a place to be creative without overwhelming them with superfluous options. Designer’s ideas are also protected through Wecora.

“While we love that potential clients can view the creative masterpieces generated by our designers, if they go to click on individual products, (unless the designer has opted to make information publicly available) they are simply invited to contact the designer directly to find out more,” Dixon said.

Phyllis Harbinger, a designer at DCI Studios, said: “Wecora is life-changing for our design team; we all love the ease with which we can create boards and share them with our clients and our clients are also enjoying the one point of communication. I believe this will streamline our workflow tremendously moving forward.”

According to Dixon, Harbinger was so pleased about using Wecora for her own business that she also wanted to share it with her students at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

“We are super passionate about the education of the next generation of designers and we gladly created a student affiliate program,” said Dixon. “We are happy to offer Wecora to collegiate design programs across the country, at no cost.”

Subscriber pricing at two levels:

The Wecora Designer package is $25 per month, which includes unlimited projects, boards and clients. This keeps designers ahead, organized, communicating with clients and in control.

For extra wiggle room in your user capabilities, consider the Wecora Firm package, which includes unlimited access for three user accounts, private project discussions and board collaboration all for $50 per month ($10 per each additional account).

To find out more about interior design, redesigned at Wecora, visit www.wecora.com.