Spring fever? Spruce up

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Spring cleaning is usually on everyone’s mind this time of year. While clearing out your closets and drawers as well as donating or getting rid of superfluous items, consider how to create the interior space of your dreams. Your home is where you relax, revivify, entertain and progress as people. It’s a place of utmost meaning worth our attention. The following design professionals have offered their sage advice on spring home trends with the purpose of helping you get the most out of your abode.

Designer and HGTV host Tiffany Brooks has had her finger on the trend-pulse long before the inception of You and Your Décor, her design firm that includes residential projects.

Brooks advises clients to pick one bold color.

“Say goodbye to the grays and neutrals,” she said.

Limiting your design to one style — traditional, contemporary, etc. — is not important.

“Instead, create a narrative on how you live and how you want your home to feel,” Brooks said.

When flowing from the indoors to the outdoors, Brooks recommends using mismatched pieces.

“I love the idea of collecting furniture from garage sales and thrift stores then using them outside,” she said.

Deborah Reinhart, interior designer and principal at Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, said that integrating spring freshness into homes after a long Midwestern hibernation means that the décor needs are much different than in other parts of the country.

“I tend to limit design trends to accessory or easily changeable items in my clients’ interiors,” Reinhart said.

For spring, it’s out with the heavy and dark and in with the airy and bright. Reinhart suggested changing how a room looks with the help of furniture slipcovers, linen pillows, linen or silk throws in a lighter color and the addition of bright spring flowers such as orchids.

“Re-upholster dining room chairs with a crisp textile in a lighter fabric, line a bookcase with spring colors for an unexpected change and use photo frames with bright colors — perfect for children’s art or for photos of travel,” Reinhart said. “Eclectic interiors, which are meaningful and personal, look relaxed and welcoming.”

Joan Kaufman, project director at Interior
Planning & Design, said that sustainable materials (products that have fewer or no toxic coatings and finishes) are in high demand now. Also, utilizing window treatments that filter light and offer many methods of functionality allow clients to adjust the light levels as needed.

“Natural light can be filtered with window films to keep the view open,” Kaufman said. “Skylights and large windows continue to be coveted architectural features, and designers continue to use automated window treatments for larger windows along with lighter-weight fabrics and sheers with decorative trims.”

Francesca Anderson, owner of Interiors by Francesca, said: “A great way to make your home brighter for spring is to update your window treatments. Honeycomb shades are both light filtering and energy efficient, and drapery panels flanking a window will create a beautiful aesthetic in a room. Lilacs, peony pinks and melon colors are the trend for spring 2014.”

According to Anderson, six steps could be employed to create an attractive and updated space:

1. An upholstered headboard adds color and comfort to your bedroom.

2. Changing or adding a window treatment will instantly lighten and brighten a space.

3. Pillows are a wonderful and inexpensive way to change a space. They add color, pattern, texture and interest.

4. Apple-green vintage glasses reflect spring and add color to a table setting.

5. A cluster of a single color of tulips or hydrangeas works well in a vase.

6. Using a green color for roman shades brings the outdoors in. Grasscloth wallpaper creates warmth and interest.

Spring design, said Kristin Petro, owner of Kristin Petro Interiors, is all about color, and this year the inspiration for room design comes from early-blooming spring flowers, blending earth tones and saturated pastels to create natural but colorful palettes.

“If you have mostly neutral tones in your room, you can pull in a few bright turquoise or deep salmon accents to make your room look immediately on-trend,” Petro said. “If Mother Nature can make the colors work, so can you. Gray continues to be a go-to neutral, which comes in a variety of undertones like blue, green and taupe.”

To provide texture and patterns in a room this spring, Petro said to consider a patterned rug or a wood piece with a weathered finish to bring interest to a space and a pop of color.

“Trade heavy, lined window treatments for unlined linen drapery panels or roman shades made from natural grass or bamboo,” Petro said. “Strategically place oversized mirrors to reflect the natural light and allow it to bounce throughout the house.”

Bring spring in.