One room, one weekend, one-hundred dollars

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We’ve all been there: sick of our space but without a lot of resources to change it. So, we do nothing, or wait until something bigger comes along. However, you can find ways to makeover a space when you’re short on time and cash. It just takes a little creativity, elbow grease and hard work. This is my foolproof way to transform a room with only $100 and one weekend.

Start with paint. The pros give this advice over and over. It completely transforms your space for very little money. Start painting Friday evening to get a jumpstart on this project. Clean, tape and get your supplies. Push all the furniture into the center of the room and cover with a plastic tarp.

Total time spent: one evening.

Total $ spent: $40 (one galloon of paint, roller and plastic tarp)

Hit up an estate sale or garage sale Saturday morning. Touch up your paint before heading out if you have to. is the best resource for finding estate sales. For garage sales, search your local paper. You can find some great pieces for little money. Throws, side tables and armchairs always seem to be available for very little money.

Total time spent: three hours

Total $ spent: $30

Take your new treasures back to your place, clean them up and head to your local craft store. Joanne Fabrics or Michaels always has 40 percent off coupons, and you can use multiples! Get some spray paint, fabric paint and some fabric for some new pillows. Don’t bother getting pillow forms, just sew a cover for the ones you already have.

Total time spent: two hours (scouring fabric takes time!)

Total $ spent: $30

Now that you are out of money, go home and get some rest, or if you’re really dedicated, pull a late night. Close yourself up in your place and start crafting. Use spray paint to revamp coffee tables, side tables, lamps, mirrors, etc. Whatever needs a change, do it. Use the fabric paint to transform your curtains. Apply painter’s tape and section off stripes or a simple pattern, but the key is simple. Lightly brush on your paint, peel the tape off while still tacky and let dry. While all that is drying, get started on sewing or hem-taping your new pillows. Tutorials are everywhere on Pinterest, simply find one to meet you skill level.

Total time spent: all day

Total $ spent: $0

Sunday evening, uncover furniture and rearrange for a new layout, bring in your new finds from the estate sale, your newly painted pieces, hang curtains and toss on your new pillow covers. Viola! A transformed space with fresh new looks. Kick your feet up and enjoy all your hard work.