Built-in tech helps William Ryan buyers stay connected

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The Jaden is one of the many homes in William Ryan Homes’ portfolio, available at a number of its Chicago-area communities where the builder also offers its “Connected Home” digital control package. William Ryan also sets up a “MyHome 24-7” Website for ea


Imagine being on vacation 1,200 miles from home, yet being able to control your home’s temperature or simply turn on and off the lights from your IPad.

How about getting a text alert at work when your daughter gets off the bus and opens the front door.
Maybe getting Netflix or Apple TV in every room without cable boxes, wires and Blue Ray players sounds appealing.

With William Ryan’s “Connected Home” homebuyers can do that and more.

“We’re bringing today’s digital technology to our home buyers and ‘future-proofing’ their homes to accommodate the innovations of tomorrow,” said Deborah Beaver, vice president of sales and marketing for William Ryan Homes.

“We’ve partnered with Digital Innovations, Inc., to include the most essential components during the construction process such as six distinct wire ‘pulls’ for house-wide phone and data connection, a four-port wireless router, and television and telephone distribution modules to handle virtually any computer or communications device. A state-of-the-art home control processor with structured wiring panel is at the heart of the system. And the best part is that all of these features can be controlled from any web-enabled mobile device.”

William Ryan is currently building single-family homes in Bolingbrook, Cary, Elgin, Joliet, Lakemoor, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Naperville and Shorewood.

The infrastructure package, a $1,500 value, will be included at no additional charge with buyers able to purchase the modules that best fit their lifestyle. The modules include:

Energy: Ability to control heating and air conditioning for maximum comfort and efficiency, from anywhere and any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lighting: Turn lights off and on in any room — even program lighting for the entire house — from wherever you are, whether it’s across the hall or across the country.

Security: Secure your property in state-of-the-art style, with everything from keyless locks and entry door camera monitoring, to automatic text messages alerting you when your kids arrive home from school.

Entertainment: Control television and movies, digital audio, WiFi, subscription video, music and more from your computer system.

According to Mike Creeden, president of Digital innovations, the interest in the connected home concept has increased 100-fold in the past two to three years.

“In the past, the connected home was something that was very expensive, making it only available to a small segment of home owners,” Creeden said. “With the introduction of the flat-panel televisions, the iPad, on-line content and other advancements, the desire to hide wires and cable boxes as well as create a centralize technology hub within the home has increased dramatically in demand. Nobody wants to mount the fancy ½-inch-thick flat-screen over the fireplace and have a cable box, Netflix box, Blue Ray player and all of the wires hanging from it.”

“The Connected Home makes that a thing of the past putting the proper infrastructure in the home as it’s being built and installing the needed components in the basement.”

Beaver said the homeowners meet with a Digital Innovations representative during the selection process to determine their “connected home” needs and desires.

“When buyers come in to select flooring, appliances and other accents we are there to help them determine their technological needs,” Beaver said. “Currently, entertainment modules are the most popular with buyers. They want all of their television, video and audio needs streamlined throughout the home and controlled with one device.”

“After buyers move in, we come in and show them how to use their new system and make sure they are comfortable with its capabilities. The important thing to remember is technology is ever-changing, but centralizing the technology and having proper infrastructure included means the home is ready to accommodate the industry’s next advancement.”

Chris Rack, a William Ryan homebuyer at Highland Woods in Elgin, is no novice when it comes to the connected home.

“We are moving into our new home at Highland Woods and our current home includes ‘connected home’ features that I wanted to make sure I had in our new home,” Rack said. “We are primarily interested in the entertainment and convenience features. The cable box, DVD player, router ... all that is in the basement out of sight, yet I can control every television, computer, speaker throughout the house with the touch of a button.”

“We currently have Control4 technology which offers the most flexibility and function and wanted to make sure we had that technology again. You don’t have to purchase all the modules immediately you can add on as needed or wanted. Once the infrastructure is in place you’re ready to go.”

In addition to connected technology, William Ryan Homes also offers a unique program for its homebuyers. “MyHome 24-7” is an individualized Website for each William Ryan Home homeowner. Buyers use the site to view floor plans, option pricing and use a mortgage calculator; select and visualize kitchen and exterior color schemes; view their specific homebuilding schedule with daily construction updates; and explore home maintenance tips and on-line warranty requests.

For more information on William Ryan Homes, call (847) 995-8700 or visit www.williamryanhomes.com.