Rittenhouse: Assisted living offers better living


Many seniors and their adult children are not sure when it’s the right time to make the transition to an assisted living community. For them, determining when it’s time to move is a question that weighs heavily on their minds.

They tend to look at safety concerns; will their loved one fall down stairs, leave the stove on, fall in the bathroom, and similar issues. They worry about them not being able to care for their needs anymore; getting groceries, showering, getting dressed and even using the toilet can become too challenging.

Medication management is a major concern; they worry about them taking their medication as it’s prescribed or forgetting to refill them. Besides the safety and physically well being aspect of making the decision there is also the concern regarding companionship. For many seniors they have lost their spouse and many of their friends may be gone as well, they tend to spend many hours alone.

Assisted Livings are set up so that residents can have a better quality of life than they would experience if they were living home alone. They allow seniors to live as independently as possible but provide help with day to day living. Assisted livings are focused on providing a great environment to live in with the focus being on the quality of life. A great benefit of these communities is that there are plenty of opportunities to participate in an assortment of activities from exercise to games.

Rittenhouse Senior Living of Valparaiso and Portage emphasize that when it comes to elder care that participation in activities enhances life and promotes longevity.

Most assisted livings have a full calendar of activities. Rittenhouse offers a diverse set of activities seven days a week that are planned by a Certified Activity Director. These activities are geared to all abilities and are set up as group or individual activities. Participation is never mandatory but encouraged. Assisted Living’s offer travel opportunities to the movies, out to lunch, to the casino, to shopping malls and to baseball games. There are plenty of opportunities for residents to interact with others and socialize, maybe to even learn something new like the residents of Rittenhouse who are now competing against each other in Wii Bowling. Of course there are the more common activities like bingo and card games. The nice thing about Assisted Livings is the great diversity of fun activities for anyone that chooses to participate.

Contact Heather Kelly at Rittenhouse of Valparaiso at (219) 531-2484 or Judy Kukelka at Portage at (219) 764-2900 to learn more about the activity program or to schedule a tour. Please “like” us on Facebook to see pictures, keep up to date on upcoming events and learn more about the community.