Indoor trampoline park, Sky High Sports, entertains your energizer bunnies

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When the temperature starts to drop, scouting out great indoor spaces to keep your kids entertained is increasingly more imperative. Children that are amped up with energy need a physical outlet. Take your energizer bunnies to Sky High Sports, where they can bounce on wall-to-floor trampolines, jump into foam pits and play a souped-up game of dodge ball.

With locations in Naperville and Niles, Sky High Sports appeals to fun-loving families that revere active lifestyles. Brother’s Jerry and Ron Raymond created this trampoline Mecca out of a desire to spend more time with their children — they each have three kids — in a safe and fun environment.

“My brother and I opened our first Sky High Sports in 2006 so we could be with our families. Now the kids love coming to work with dad,” said Jerry Raymond.

Finding a place where your kids can run around is especially important as the colder months approach and where spending long periods of time outdoors isn’t as practical.

“Parents set the example for their kids and sedentary parents might raise sedentary kids. At Sky High, families can have fun playing together while everyone is getting plenty of exercise,” said Raymond. “After an hour or two of jumping, kids have had so much fun that they may not even realize that they had a real workout.”

Jumping at Sky High Sports is appropriate for kids of all ages. These areas are designated for children aged six and under as well as jump zones for older kids. Staff members are on hand at each location to make sure that everyone is safe. In addition, while older kids are jumping away, moms can take an Airobics class, a low impact 50-minute cardio-jump session lead by an instructor.

“My favorite thing is to see first time jumpers bounce and then realize what they’re doing, which makes them smile and giggle,” said Trayce Zimmermann, public relations specialist at Sky High Sports. “The tots, especially, get so excited.”

At a discounted rate, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., parents can bring their toddlers and preschoolers, age six and under, to Munchkin Mondays.

“Munchkin Mondays are a mom’s best friend. After an hour or so of jumping, your tot is happily tuckered out and ready for naptime. It’s kind of a stealth workout for the kids,” Zimmermann said. “This is perfect for children that are too young for full time school. They have the run of the place.”

Sky high is an inexpensive way for your kids to get out of the house and get some quality exercise time. Moms can invite a gal pal along and log in some chat time or they can jump with their kids and burn off superfluous calories.

“At Sky High, we believe in affordable family fun and fitness. Too many kids in this country simply don’t get enough exercise,” Raymond said. “I haven’t met a kid yet who wouldn’t drop the video game controller for a visit to Sky High.”