Flaunt your family’s story through eclectic modern design

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Eclectic modern: a worn, lived-in look that gets better with age, knowledge and wisdom. It is a storyboard created through your home; it is a display of personal objects, gathered over time, that tells your family’s story. The items might make you laugh, smile, remember or evoke a thought. They will inspire your guest to ask: “Where did you get that? Why is it here? Tell me your story.”

Everyone loves a good story, but no one is going to retell the tale of walking into a big-box store and buying a whole living room.

A good story has more substance, more sparks and more laughs. Like the time my two-year-old daughter and I attempted to fit a vintage, oversized, wingback chair into our undersized hatchback. The chair was free and, I had to have it. Or when I nearly gave my husband a heart attack when he was driving. I screamed, “Stop! Turn around! Now!” because I spotted a mid-century modern credenza thrown out on the curb.

Stories. People love to see them in your home. I’d much rather look at items from family vacations, estate sale pieces with history or a passed-down cookie jar than a mimicked store display.

How can you achieve this popular look? First, slow down. Don’t rush decorating. Why hurry? Sure, you may need the staples, such as tables and seating, right away, but artwork or knickknacks can wait.

Fill your home with memories, and let the design come second. Sometimes the most interesting pieces are the oddest looking. If you love the items in your home, chances are you will love the way they fit into your décor.

Take artwork seriously. Don’t just buy art to fill a space. Rather, find a space to display it. Ask artistic family members or friends to create original art. Commission local artists. Hang unusual items that remind you of the past. Almost anything can be art.

Don’t worry what others might think. Decorate for yourself and your family. When my husband and I bought our first home, my mom hated practically everything we bought. Now that she sees everything together, she loves our home. Why? Because it represents us. People may not necessarily want your furniture, artwork or knickknacks in their home, but they will love it in yours if it reflects who you are. They love you, after all. Quirks included.

Just like the people in your home and the love that fills it: eclectic modern will never go out of style.

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