11 gifts for a fashionista

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SCARVES BY JULIE: Alixandra Collections at 40 S. Washington in Hinsdale, 259 Market Square Court in Lake Forest or alixandracollections.com. $40

Surround yourself and your favorites with the best of the best this holiday. Splurge and go the extra mile, or be save savvy. It’s a sure bet that you want these gift items in your bag.

Season gatherings, family get-togethers and traditions will have you running ragged this time of year. A touch of glitz and glamour can go a long way. This seasons hit list of metallic sparks and vivacious color palates are too hot to hold out on. These items are for any style-forward gal; get them at your doorstep or at a store near you.

You can’t break the bank at every corner but you do deserve a luxury splurge every now and then. This season, big brand names are meeting you half way. Target and Neiman Marcus bring us a fabulous collaboration in label royalty. Limited-edition designer products from $7.99 to $499.99 will make your bag blow up. Participating companies will donate $1 million to CFDA. Items are available at Neiman Marcus, Target in store and online starting Dec. 1.

Impress this holiday season no matter the gift or occasion. Impress others this holiday season, no matter the gift or occasion. Make sure that you have it in the bag when the hay time of the holidays arrive.