Your outside world is a reflection of your inside: A conversation with Alan Kossof


The first thing you encounter when you walk into the Teddie Kossof salonspa in Northfield is a hall of mirrors. After all, this is a spa. First impressions count.

What each client sees is ideally his or her best self. This is the salon goal: inner beauty, reflected by a knowing gaze or a confident smile, is encouraged to reveal itself by empowered physicality.

You also might catch the passing reflection of Alan Kossof, a man who is perpetually punched into life. Kossof has made his lasting impression as co-owner of the salon that was made famous by his father, Teddie.

“A mirror reveals who you are in the moment,” Kossof said. “We’re constantly changing. We age; we grow; hopefully, our hair grows.”

“But the mirror is just the moment,” he said. “So, why not? Have fun being able to enjoy the different ways you can express yourself.”

When many people enter a place outside of their home, a familiar place to them, they may feel as if they are stepping outside of their comfort zone.

When taking that first bold step into Teddie Kossof salonspa, or simply returning for a repeat visit, clients should know the gentleman in Kossof recognizes the value of one’s best foot forward.

“Do you always want to be the same person?” Kossof wondered. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

“That’s what we love to do at Teddie’s,” he continued. “We’re able to help that person become who they want to be so that, when they look in the mirror, they can see who they really are.”

“That’s the love and fun we put into every client at Teddie’s,” he said.

The mirrors on all salon levels typically reflect busy hands, as they foil-wrap a coloring or blow dry firming tresses carefully coiled in rollers. This sanctuary embraces confidence.

The spa downstairs offers private rooms where facials and massage therapy occur amid the gentle sounds of rolling surf mixed with music.

Clients have come to trust staff. In fact, so much so that, when customers drop in for a last-minute manicure, they’re typically happy to be assigned to anyone on staff, which makes guests to feel taken care of, secure and welcome.

Overheard: “Do you have an opening for a manicure?” asked one client, in mid-September.

“I’ll take anyone. I’m fine with everyone here,” said the lady.

“Of course,” replied the host. “We’ll make room in our hearts.”

“What I want everyone to remember: the fun in hair is that you can always change it,” Kossof said. “Subtly or drastically: never be afraid to try something new.”

“That’s the fun of the business that we have,” he continued. “You can dare to be different.”

“And we’ll be right there to help you get to where you want to be,” he said.

Kossof will channel the confidence he champions as he proudly presides over a gallery of staff members who will curate runway looks before catwalk models hit the runway at Pioneer Press Fall Trend Fashion Event. Event guests will also get a taste of the professionalism offered by Kossof and crew with coiffed looks at Pinstripes, located at 1150 Willow Road in Northbrook. Be there.


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