Say Om: yoga at any age

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Bloom Yoga Studio, located on Rockwell Street in Chicago, offers yoga classes to women during every stage of their lives. Women can take solo classes or couples yoga; blissfully stretch during their pregnancies or bend into downward-facing dog over their babies; attend family yoga with their older children or take a gentle yoga class in their mature years.

As mentioned on the Bloom Yoga Studio website, “The idea for Bloom was born out of a desire to create a community where the pursuit of health and happiness is a normal part of daily life.”

One of Bloom Yoga Studio’s indelible teachers is Carrie Dye. With certifications in prenatal, children’s and restorative yoga as well as a passion for martial arts, Dye is well equipped with the knowledge of how bodies move in various stages of age, ability and aptitude.

“Zach and Kerry Maiorca, the owners of this studio, have created an environment that is welcoming for everyone,” said Dye. “People with experience or beginners to yoga will find a suitable class here.”

At a kid’s yoga class, for children ages 5 through 7, Dye instructed little ones through various yoga poses with the aid of stories, games and a rich imagination. With an engaging and encouraging lesson, Dye challenged kids to push themselves further by attempting more difficult poses, holding stretches longer and focusing on meditation.

“I think the most fun thing about teaching children yoga is seeing the spontaneity and creativity. It’s also a lot of fun to see them as they understand more, progress and develop strength,” said Dye. “It’s nice to give them a foundation for yoga if they want to continue on later in life.”

The proof is in the pudding. Dye has a few repeat customers that are eager to learn more and continue their yoga journey.

“There are a handful of kids that have been coming pretty regularly. It’s nice for bonding and group-building,” Dye said.

Women who take pleasure in yoga may continue their practice no matter where they are at in their lives and their children will enjoy it as well. The benefits of yoga continue well into pregnancy, postpartum, throughout the developing years of children and even through old age.

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