Moms: this one is for you

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From the first rooster crow until long after the sun has gone down, mothers — working or stay-at-home — are on the clock. The entire day is an exhausting whirlwind for these superwomen, which more often than not doesn’t allow for personal repose. With more than 30 years of experience in the salon and spa arena, which includes operating at three different locations, Scruples Salon and Spa co-owners Paul and Nina Solomos, alongside their son John Solomos, co-owner and director of operations, know a thing or two about how to help a gal relax and recharge.

“My dad’s parents raised him to have good morals and values, or “scruples,” John said. “It’s a word that fits with our ethos, which is to create an environment where inner and outer beauty, wellness, diversity and laughter are celebrated in a relaxing fashion-forward environment. To create this experience, we’ve assembled a team of skilled individuals who are committed and believe in our mission.”

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through the doors of this incredibly welcoming leisure haven, full of tight-knit affable professionals, is the feel of a community. Indeed, Scruples, located in Glenview at The Glen, is the cheers of the salon and spa space; everybody knows your name and genuinely cares to boot.

Mona Abraham has been working at Scruples as a nail technician since the beginning — 11 years and running. She’s developed quite close relationships with a few of her clients. One customer, in fact, texted her when she needed a comrade to lean on. Mona was there for her.

“I consider them friends,” Mona said.

Mona is not the only employee that has been at Scruples since the start, a fact that speaks volumes about how the staff is treated and valued. Vicki Gritzalis, the veteran massage therapist, has the most tender and compassionate demeanor, which translates into a superlative massage.

“She’s the best,” Nina said.

No matter what service you sign up for-a top-notch facial given by Nadia Elmaouchi; a stylish haircut or color from Sean Joumaa, whom, by the way, recently got engaged and loves to cut his fiancée’s hair-so romantic; or precision eyebrow threading by Aster Kassbetion-you’ll be in good hands.

“The team at Scruples believes that your experience during your visit with us is all that matters,” John said. “Our goal is to create an experience where you can escape from your everyday routines and the stresses that come with them.”

Carve out time for yourself and visit Scruples because not only have you earned it but also your family deserves to have you functioning at your best and firing on all cylinders. Ultimately, you need this fuel to get through a hectic time. A little me-time jaunt, effectively, is something that benefits your whole family.

See what I did there? Go!