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WENDY CITY MOM: the parenting column

Keep your kids engaged and entertained this summer with fun toys created by innovative toy companies that encourage kids to be active and smart. Kids will learn and get their sillies out by playing with toys that cater to their interests.

Jazwares Inc. has a line of role-playing items that transforms the virtual building videogame of Minecraft into reality through imaginative play. Check out the new Minecraft Overworld action figures with their corresponding accessories and the Minecraft game-scale paper crafts.

Tech 4 Kids has developed exciting dynamic toys including Rumble Fists and Spar Bag, which enable boys to safely throw punches at a WWE-inspired air bag with a water-filled base. Kids can wear noise-making, motion-activated gloves for a realistic action-packed experience.

Learning Express Toys is the nation’s leading franchisor of educational toy stores with locations across the country, each one locally owned and operated.

Rob Kracinovich, senior buyer at Learning Express Toys said, “Learning Express Toys prides itself on the quality and uniqueness of its selection of merchandise. The shelves are stocked with a tremendous array of toys from all the important categories: games and puzzles, infant and toddler toys, arts and crafts kits, science and nature products, books, dolls and outdoor toys.”

One example of what you’ll find at Learning Express Toys is the Ogo Sport Mini Disk, which is a catching game with a ball and two mesh disks — perfect for most ages.

“Kids can use the OgoDisks to bounce the OgoSoft ball up to 150 feet through the air,” said Kracinovich. “The Learning Express Toys product mix is carefully selected from manufacturers around the world, and each toy has exceptional play value.”