Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest is a bone-chilling adventure

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Scaring your children silly has never been easier with the help of Six Flags Great America and the indelible Fright Fest. From Sept. 28 through Oct. 27, this adventure-seekers’ seventh heaven is transformed into a bone-chilling Halloween themed shriek-fest.

Before 4 p.m., the park is kid-friendly; it includes appearances from fairy tale characters, rides geared toward little ones in the Camp Cartoon and Kidzopolis areas, musicals, and a trick-or-treat parade.

At night, the park has attractions for the older set-zombies, haunted houses, a creepy nighttime parade and several hair-raising shows and performances.

The park has rides for every visitor. Extra small ones can sit with their parents on one of the family-friendly rides-Big Easy Balloons, Columbia Carousel, Condor and Scenic Railway, to name a few. Toddlers and small frys can enjoy rides designed just for them: Buzzy Bees, Krazy Kars and the Little Dipper are all popular.

“We have two kid areas at Six Flags Great America. There is Kidzopolis in County Fair with four pint-sized attractions, and there is Camp Cartoon in Yukon Territory with five rides, including the kid coaster, Spacely’s Sprocket Rocket,” said Katy Enrique, communications manager at Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor. “We also have the Whizzer roller coaster, which is a favorite first-time coaster that kids ride with a parent.”

Parents don’t have to feel left out of the fun, however, because one of the amazing park perks is the ability to Thrill Swap. This permits one parent to wait with their child at the front of the line while the other adult goes on a ride for the big dogs: Batman the Ride, Raging Bull, Viper or X Flight. Then, when the ride is over, the parents can swap places so both parents can enjoy the ride without having to wait in line twice.

“Expedite your day here at Six Flags with The Flash Pass,” Enrique said. “This is a system that allows guests to wait in a virtual queue line rather than in the physical line. It’s an additional fee, but it’s definitely a timesaver.”

To make the most of your adventure, arrive at Six Flags Great America early and hit the most popular coasters first. “The fastest way to come through the gates is to have your tickets in hand prior to arriving. The park website,, always has our best-discounted tickets available and guests can easily purchase tickets online and then print them right at home,” Enrique suggested.

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