Boeing backs early learning teaching

Boeing is a strong advocate and supporter of science, technology, engineering and math education and also recognizes the importance of early learning.

For nearly a decade, Boeing has supported Chicago-based Erikson Institute, one of the few institutions of higher education in the United States whose central mission is to provide education and training to those who work in early-learning settings. By increasing the number of highly trained, quality early childhood teachers, students are developing in a way that will ensure their success in school and life.

“Early learning is part of our emphasis on lifelong learning, which starts at birth and continues through one’s senior years,” said Lianne Stein, Erickson board member and vice president of Global Corporate Citizenship at Boeing. “It is also the first step in ensuring we have a work force that allows America to remain competitive.”

Additionally, over the past 10 years, Boeing and its employees have contributed more than $54 million to the Chicago area, including more than $3 million from matching employee gifts, matching board contributions and the Employees Community Fund. This program that enables employees to make tax deductible donations to local nonprofits through recurring payroll deductions or onetime gifts.

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— Source: The Boeing Company