Founder of D&A Dermatology stresses good bedside manner

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Toral Patel, M.D.

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Dr. Toral Patel, board-certified dermatologist, associate clinical instructor of medicine at Northwestern University and founder of D&A Dermatology in Chicago, has been in practice since 2008. Dr. Patel serves adults and children, with concentrated awareness in psoriasis and hormonal changes of the skin as well as issues pertaining to clients with skin of color. The patient-doctor relationship is very important to Dr. Patel and establishing trust, confidence and a strong rapport begins at the outset.

“Truthfully, the most important thing is not only that my patients receive excellent care, but that they also feel cared for—whether it’s a medical issue or an elective procedure,” said Dr. Patel. “We take time to get to know you and understand your medical history and we want our patients to get to know us and feel informed.”

James Muvaney, a 53-year-old Chicago resident, has been a regular patient of Dr. Patel, visiting for annual exams as well as some cosmetic procedures.

“I’m of Irish and Swedish descent, fairly pale, and I knew the importance of getting completely screened for skin cancer — a screening much more complete than you’d get at your annual physical,” said Muvaney. “I was immediately impressed with Dr. Patel’s complete knowledge of skin care — from recommending sunscreen and moisturizer, to her knowledge of skin conditions, to her expertise in the latest developments in cosmetic dermatology.”

Having previously gone through skin cancer treatments in Milwaukee, Anne M. Love, 59, needed to find a new dermatologist upon relocating to Chicago.

“After moving, I was using a dermatologist in Chicago that was an excellent doctor but I never felt comfortable with her or her staff,” said Love. “I found it very hard to express my concerns and sometimes left without asking questions.”

Then Love found Dr. Patel.

“From my first visit I was immediately drawn to Dr. Patel,” said Love. “Her staff and office are friendly and welcoming. Beyond her medical knowledge, it’s always a pleasure to see her warm smile and know I’m in very capable hands, where I’ll receive the best and most up-to-date medical care.”

Dr. Patel treated Love and guided her through the initial diagnosis of an additional skin cancer, using clear explanations and offering support. Love then had a biopsy, which led to surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

“After the surgery I had complications and I contacted Dr. Patel for advice as to how to proceed,” said Love. “My call was returned immediately with a course of action.”

Currently, Love is being treated by Dr. Patel for her skin cancer, and she is also discussing near-future cosmetic treatments.

“Her office offers more services in the field of dermatology than any other office I have visited and the degree of knowledge by her staff is outstanding,” said Love.

Dr. Patel makes patient education a priority. She not only explains individual procedures and specific skin issues to each client, but also she alerts patients to common, often overlooked, beauty-habit pitfalls such as: going to bed with your make-up on, popping your pimples and not wearing sunscreen.

“We all want healthy, luminous skin and we work hard to get it,” said Dr. Patel. “Too many women, though, are unknowingly doing a daily disservice to their seemingly well cared for complexions.”

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