NIPSCO extends its rebate program

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Partnering up: Local suppliers and contractors review the latest in HVAC products and technologies at the September grand opening event at G.W. Berkheimer Company's newest branch in Crown Point. G.W. Berkeimer is a partner in promoting NIPSCO's offerings of energy-efficency programs. | Supplied photo


NIPSCO has extended its Energy Efficiency Rebate Program to include some electric appliances, providing more ways for its residential customers to get cash in their pocket, help save the environment and save money in the long run with lower monthly electric bills.

“The program started in 2008 on the natural gas side and to date has provided more than 58,000 rebates to NIPSCO customers. What’s new this year is we’ve expanded it to include the electric home appliances and equipment too,” said Kathleen Szot, a spokeswoman for Merrillville-based Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

She said beginning in May, the program now also includes electric space and water heating furnaces, water heaters and programmable thermostats. The rebates range from $20 for a new, efficient programmable thermostat to $500 for a ductless heat pump that replaces a resistive electric heater.

“There are more and more new options and technologies in energy-efficient home appliances. We’re looking at that new technology and seeing how it impacts energy use,” Szot said. “We hope to encourage more people to choose high-efficiency equipment for their homes, with the addition of new types of rebates on products such as ductless heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.”

A complete list of products that qualify for the rebate program, including the new electric equipment, as well as an application, can be found at or by calling (800) 721-7385.

Energy Star

Szot said one clue when looking for an energy-efficient furnace and other appliances is to find the Energy Star logo.

“More and more new appliances will have the Energy Star rating. We look to them for guidance and we always encourage people to look for the label,” Szot said.

Energy Star appliances will list the amount of money the consumer can save each year by using the new appliance versus an appliance with old technology.

Szot said NIPSCO also provides training and sales tools for local distributors, builders and contractors on the rebate program and included technologies.

They, too, realize the benefits of being involved in such projects.

“Being energy and budget conscious is a top priority for many of the homeowners in Northwest Indiana,” said Janice Craft, director of marketing and communications with G.W. Berkheimer, an HVAC supplier. “By working with NIPSCO to promote energy-saving programs, we all benefit. Homeowners not only save when they make purchasing decisions, thanks to the rebate program, they’ll see continued savings on their energy bill when buying energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment.”

Save energy, help environment

Szot said the rebate program not only helps the consumer; NIPSCO also benefits.

“We have energy-saving goals that we track throughout the year. At the end of the year we estimate how much was saved as a result of our programs. The programs are in everyone’s best interest environmentally and in the customers’ best interest financially,” Szot said.

Other energy-saving programs offered by NIPSCO include appliance-recycling incentives, home-energy audits and CFL bulb discounts. A full list of programs available to NIPSCO customers and fall/winter energy tips to help manage energy use can be found at