Special needs training in Northwest Indiana


TradeWinds is dedicated to providing support services and training designed to promote individual choice, growth and self-sufficiency for people of all ages and abilities. Among the services offered:

Children: For each child, TradeWinds Children Services creates a unique plan tailored to individual needs and designed to maximize each child’s potential. Plans include therapeutic and educational services, day care, after-school care and summer camp.

Youth: By instructing at-risk youth in tasks such as goal setting, resume writing, and interview preparation, instructors in the TradeWinds Youth Employment Readiness Program prepare high school level individuals to enter a competitive work force. Those selected receive intense employment readiness training with the support of a one-on-one case manager.

Adults: Adult programming is wide and varied.

— Group Homes are available for those individuals who have the ability to live semi- independently in one of our six facilities located throughout Northwest Indiana. Intensive training provides the skills for leading an active, productive life.

— Art of Living provides adults with more severe and pervasive needs the training to navigate the tasks of everyday life.

— Work Solutions offers the assistance of an employment specialist to provide job training, placement and follow-along service to adults of varying abilities.

— Visions arms visually impaired adults with the skills and equipment they need to be self-sufficient and independent while working and living in the community.

More information is at www.tradewindservices.org or at (219) 949-4000.

Provided by TradeWinds