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Pain healers: Drs. Michael Nirenberg (left) and Michael Lacey, podiatrists at Friendly Foot Care in Crown Point, relieve heel pain through the use of an endoscopic camera. | Supplied photo

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Podiatrists Dr. Michael Nirenberg and Dr. Michael Lacey are now using a high-tech treatment to help alleviate heel pain.

“Heel pain is not normal and you do not have to live with it,” Dr. Lacey says. People suffer with pain in their heels for many different reasons, Dr. Nirenberg explains. It could be a heel spur or an irritation of a ligament called plantar fasciitis.

“Sometimes the pain starts with the very first step out of bed,” Dr. Lacey says. The pain is often sharp or stabbing, and it causes people to limp and soon they often end up with other aches and pains.

To help people with heel pain, the doctors use a tiny but powerful camera called an endoscopic camera. Through a small opening that they make at the side of the patient’s heel, they slip the camera inside. The camera quickly alleviates the problem, usually a thickened ligament in the heel.

“The camera makes it easy to alleviate heel pain,” Lacey says. “It only takes a few minutes.”

The doctors also use the high-tech camera to help alleviate painful arthritis from the foot and ankle. Nirenberg cautions that this high-tech treatment is not for everyone and does not always work, but when it does, he says it’s great to see people walking normally — without a painful limp!

Readers of the Post-Tribune and The Times have voted Drs. Nirenberg and Lacey “Best Podiatrist” four times in a row! The doctors pride themselves on using the latest technology to alleviate heel, foot and ankle pain and problems.

If you have heel pain or any other foot or ankle problems, you can reach Drs. Nirenberg and Lacey at (219)663-2273 or you can learn more about their practice and their amazing “Less Painful Shot” technology at

Provided by Amanda Torres for Friendly Foot Care