Moms Making Six Figures gives working moms work-life balance

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Working mom: Kate Shean, pictured here with her children, was able to find a healthy work-life balance with Moms Making Six Figures. | Supplied photo


In August of 2011, Kate Shean, an orthopedic physical therapist by trade, sat down with her cousin Kara Guthrie to hear about her new business. She had no idea that it was going to be something that would change her life.

Kate had been practicing physical therapy for 12 years on both a full- and part-time basis and also had assisted teaching classes at her alma mater, Northwestern University Medical School.

“I was always struggling to find that perfect balance between work and family life,” Kate said.

“I’m a very dedicated person, and like many other working moms found hard not to compromise work for family and vise versa.”

When Kara and her business partner, Heidi Bartolotta, showed Kate what Moms Making Six Figures was all about, Kate immediately saw the potential for that balance she had always been looking for.

Founded three years ago in San Diego, Moms Making Six Figures now has a team of over 50 women, all of whom work from the comfort of their own homes. The women come from a variety of backgrounds, from a CPA, a surgeon, to media executives and former pharmaceutical sales reps.

“The best way to describe Moms Making Six Figures is that we are a group of moms who created a marketing organization to represent one primary company,” Bartolotta said. “Kate still has the ability to help people like she did in her previous role as a physical therapist, but now she controls both her schedule and her income potential.”

In Chicago, just like many other areas across the nation, the past few years have been extremely difficult for many families. People are either out of work, making much less than before, or moms who had the luxury to stay home now have had to re-enter the work force.

“Good jobs that pay well and give you flexibility are scarce,” Shean said.

Through Moms Making Six Figures Shean, Guthrie and Bartolotta, sit down with interested women and discuss the specifics of the business.

“A typical work week is about 30 to 35 hours, but I plan those hours around my children’s school and extracurriculars,” Shean said. “There is no inventory, no party planning, no selling, and no risk, but you do have to be self motivated,” she explained.

Shean, Guthrie, and Bartolotta have all enjoyed careers working for other corporations, but hated the inflexible schedules. They are still working very hard but now doing it on their own terms and with no cap on their income.

“My life is changed,” Shean said. “I love what I do and I am so excited to share it with the community in Chicago. I know there are other women who are looking for what Moms Making Six Figures gave me – Life Balance.”

Guthrie and Shean thing that the Moms Making Six Figures motto says it best, “We are ‘Bringing women home to their lives.’”

Provided by Moms Making Six Figures